Time Warp

What is Time Warp?

Time warp is a feature that temporarily slows down time giving you the chance for a better reaction time, better launch, and perfect shifts.

How does Time Warp Work?

Time warp works by putting the game in slow-motion for 3 seconds. This can be done anytime you wish to use it and can help improve reaction times, launch better, or perfect those hard to hit shifts. Time warp is perfect if you are having any difficulties beating an opponent but can only be used once per race, so use it wisely!

To activate time warp, you click press the "t" button on your keyboard or click the "Time Warp" button on your screen. As soon as you activate time warp, the time is instantly slowed down. Each time warp costs 10 coins, and coins can be purchased by clicking the green plus "+" sign in the top right of your game screen.

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