Performing a Burnout

Why Do I Need to Do a Burnout?

A burnout is important in order to get maximum traction. This helps you leave the starting line better and helps improve your elapsed time. If you launch the car correctly, maximum traction will help you get a better reaction time and not spin the tires.

If you use the autostage feature, the burnout will be performed automatically for you. For those who would like to do their own burnout, there's a few steps you can take to get that perfect burnout.

Performing the Perfect Burnout

Right beside the throttle is a meter that will gradually fill as you perform your burnout. Once this meter is full, it will make a sound, no longer be visible, and "Burnout Complete" will display on your screen, indicating that you have successfully completed the burnout and can will have maximum traction.

Performing the perfect burnout is pretty easy once you have done it a few times.
Step 1) Pull forward a few feet so that the drive tires are in the water. The drive tires are the tires that spin when you give it power. Having the drive wheels in the water makes it easier to perform a burnout.
Step 2) Put the car in neutral and raise the throttle. You want the throttle to be near redline, but not hitting the rev limiter so that you don't cause engine damage.
Step 3) Shift into first gear and don't move the throttle. If you would like to do a quicker burnout, you can try shifting into 2nd or even 3rd gear quickly and the meter will fill faster as long as you have enough power. If you haven't installed many parts first gear is recommended for burnouts. If the car is fully upgraded 2nd or 3rd gear can be used.

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