EV3 Multiplayer

Join our exciting multiplayer where you can race people from across the world! We currently have 2 forms of multiplayer - grudge racing and tournaments. Both will put your skills to the test and are completely free to take part in.

ELO World Challenge

Based on the popular ELO ranking system you can race side-by-side with players in each of the cars in order to improve your ELO rank. Rise to the top to show you're the best and then vigorously defend your spot as everyone else tries to reclaim the top spot. Some of the most exciting, nail-biting, and closest margin of victory races happen in the ELO World Challenge!

Grudge Racing

Multiplayer grudge racing is your classic 1-on-1 drag race. Choose a challenger, select a car, and hope you make it to the finish line before them. You can send as many out as you want and then you can view the results as they come in. Other players can also send your challenges so when you log in you can race them at your own pace.


Tournaments are a 2-part system. First, the tournaments are a 16 car single elimination style tournament. Each car has its own tournaments you can qualify for, and the top 16 will advance. Not only can anyone in the world play in these tournaments, but our 20 characters also take part in these tournaments, so you always have a full ladder and lots of challenging opponents. There are 2 types of tournaments - regular and speeds. All tournaments are completely free to join - there's no buy-in or entry fee!

Regular Tournaments

Regular tournaments are tournaments designed to last 24 hours per round. This means you have 24 hours to qualify and 24 hours to run each round that you advance to. Because these tournaments have more time to qualify, you can often see dozens if not hundreds of players in each tournament in addition to our 20 characters.

Speed Tournaments

Speed tournaments, as the name implies, are meant to be fast. Speed tournaments have a special icon that says "Speed" on them, so they are easy to see. Speed tournaments are still a single elimination tournament, but you only have 10 minutes to qualify and 10 minutes to run each round. If you're looking to race a large amount of tournaments, speed tournaments is the place to be!


EV3 has weekly seasons that are based off of tournaments and the ELO World Challenge. By entering a tournament, you are automatically entered, for free, into the season. Each tournament gives you rank points based on your performance. For instance, you get 10 points just for joining a tournament, and if you win the entire tournament you can earn 128 points. These points are cumulative and are used to rank you in relation to others in the season. Those who are in the top 20 when all the tournaments for a season have completed will earn free gold and points to use anywhere on the game! We also regularly feature the top players in our newsletters, Facebook posts, and in-game messages, so you get bragging rights along with your free gold and points!

If you go to multiplayer and click on tournaments, you will see multiple options. You can view tournaments you're currently in, tournaments that you are eligible to join, a point breakdown, a leaderboard, a prize list, and a schedule of upcoming seasons. We also make announcements on our Facebook page which we encourage everyone to like.

Earning Season Rank Points

Here is a current list of all the ways to earn season rank points (RP)
10 RP - Join a tournament
8 RP - Qualify #1 in a Tournament
7 RP - Qualify #2 in a Tournament
6 RP - Qualify #3 in a Tournament
5 RP - Qualify #4 in a Tournament
4 RP - Qualify #5 in a Tournament
3 RP - Qualify #6 in a Tournament
2 RP - Qualify #7 in a Tournament
1 RP - Qualify #8 in a Tournament
20 RP - Round Win
30 RP - Final Round Win
20 RP - Fastest ET of the Tournament

The ELO World Challenge is also autoamtically enters you for free once you successfuly run your first race each season without fouling. Compete against players to improve your ELO by the end of the season. Once the season ends, we give the top 20 players in each car gold and points to be used any way they wish!

The multiplayer tournaments and ELO World Challenge are completely separate and rank does not transfer from one to the other. That means that just because someone is ranked high in ELO, they won't be given any rank advantage in multiplayer tournaments, and vice versa.

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